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India has seen rapid economic growth in last decade. While this growth has brought in many benefits, it has also led to overnight deforestation, depletion of nonrenewable resources, unfavourable climate change and erosion of green cover. This side-effects on our ecosystem are serious and are threatening the very basic existence of life on the Earth.

Over the few decades, India has fallen into a pattern of unsustainable economic growth. Accelerated demand for human land and Industries and deforestation are only the most visible examples of how, in the effort to support our lifestyles, we are exhausting the planet’s natural resources and accelerating climate change, which in turn threatens life-sustaining ecosystems and the economy.

This situation is also very closely related to lack of awareness towards environment and green cover of our country. There is a huge gap between care of mother earth and nature and what we do in our daily lives. It is a time for all of us to stand up together for beside the protection of our environment by showing our fullest support to all the causes that are about Green Cover care and Environment protection.

You can support us in many ways

Official Websites: If you have a official website you can show a banner strip as given in our media assets on your home page of website. This will be a great support to our cause. If possible to go one extra mile give us a hyperlink or backlink from that banner to our website.

In order to thank you we will also be very happy to place your logo on our website with a backlink to your website.

Social Media : If you have good number of fans and followers in your social media communities like Facebook, Tweeter etc, please share your olympiad details there and encourage people to participate or support this cause.

Social media is a great power of our time and your small initiative can bring lot of support for our cause.

Green Logo : You can show your support for green initiatives by turning your logo green during special dates of Olympiad. This will be a great gesture of support and we will publish a story of your support on the Green Olympiad website.

Become Green Institution : If you run any school or college in the state , or working as teaching or non teaching staff help us to spread the awareness about green olympiad in your institution also. We have made few posters which you can download from our media asset section and display it on your notice board. This year we have less time but if you help us by promoting this olympiad in your school and encourage students to participate in great number, we would be always grateful to you.

Green will be happy to mention your institutes’ logo on our website.

Prizes : Prizes after winning any contest is a proven motivational factor of any student , You can make this moment more memorable by donating few prizes from your side. You can give things in kind or cash prize also. Please speak to our Olympiad coordinator in case you wish to donate some prizes.  

Share your Songs , Creative Work :  If you are an artist or good singer and want to support through your talent we really need you. Please create some piece on theme of green Olympiad like Care of nature , Environment Protection , Forest , Wildlife and Climate change. You can send us your Youtube videos of your songs if you wish us to publish is on our website. please speak to us in this regards on + 91 888 88 08 108 ( Prof.  Rishi Aacharya )

Share your story : If you are a social worker , NGO or any individual who brought significant change with your initiative towards Environment , Wildlife , Climate change and forest conversation share your story with photos and videos with us. We will be happy to publish the same on our website.

In any other way you wish to : If you have any other idea to support our cause in any way please feel free to get in touch with us at info[at]greenolympiad[dot][com]

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